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Valle Seco Volunteer Workshop and Campout #1, July 17-19, 2015
The third workshop and campout on the Valles Caldera National Preserve for this year was very successful.   6tribs4Los Amigos and Albuquerque Wildlife Federation did the first work project to enhance the water quality of Sulphur Creek, a major tributary to San Antonio Creek.

6tribs9Everyone camped  in the Preserve at a new location on the north side of Valle Seco.
Valle Seco is the headwaters of Sulphur Creek.  It has been severely impacted by past sheep/cattle grazing and logging.  The volunteers dug narrow/shallow worm ditches to rewet drying meadow.  Then they transported and placed the sod clumps to plug and stabilize small headcuts and erosion gullies in three small tributaries in the far southern part of the Valley.  6tribs2They also built rock structures in larger headcuts as well as two small elk exclosures to protect the remnants of old willow stands and several wildlife friendly fence exclosures to exclude cattle from marsh areas along the creek.
There was a pot luck on Saturday night and though all were tired they had a good time.


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