Successful June 17-19 Restoration Weekend!

The Albuquerque Wildlife Federation joined Los Amigos de Valles Caldera for a weekend of work and camping on the Valles Caldera National Preserve. The June project saw a great turnout of hard-working volunteers from AWF, Los Amigos, and Cub/Boy Scout Troop #116 from Los Lunas. Assistance was given by Karen Menetrey from the New Mexico Environment De­partment and Scott Compton from the National Park Service who both pitched in and worked side by side with our volunteers.

Much of the rock and sod work needed to complete the upper Valle Seco section of the Sulphur Creek Wetlands Restoration grant was finished by the end of the weekend. Volunteers

  • built a series of rock structures to spread water across the mead­ows to help restore wetlands that had been drained by old roads,
  • dug extensive “worm ditches” to disperse water and used sod clumps to construct other structures to redirect water flows and
  • began construction, aided by the scouts, on a tall fence exclosure to protect a stand of the rare Bebb willow from overgrazing by cattle and elk.

Another work weekend is scheduled for July 22-24 to begin rock work at a new site along Sulphur Creek. and to finish the cattle/elk exclosure. If you would like to volunteer, email Jack Crane at for directions and details.

Volunteer hours provide an essential match to leverage grant dollars
that make this type of restoration possible.

Thanks to the many volunteers!

Abe and Lyle Aufdermauer, Keith and Tyrell Bausman, Veronica Berry, Kate Brown
Brian and Wyatt Bubank, Phil Carter, Darlene and Jack Crane, Scott Compton
Jim Counce, Shaun Dietrich, Neil English, Lance, Logan and Tanner Esser
Kristina G. Fisher, Elisa Gagliano, Daniel, Darien, Jayden and Jennifer Garcia
Sawyer Gill, Joe, Nixson, Samantha and Sarena Gutierrez, Laurie Marnell, A.J. McCraw
Karen Menetrey, Sharon Miles, Bob Nordstrom, Peter O’Brien, Al Papillion, Toby Rosenblatt
Michael “Scial” Scialdone, Moises Smith, Thomas Stevenson, Marilynn Szydlowski
Michael P. Szymanski, Hamish Thomson, Bob Tilley, Steven Todd, Jeanne Van Dehy
Katherine Warchal, Susan and Walter Watts, Cameron Weber, Bill Zeedyke